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Verdicts And Settlements

Sexual Harassment and Assault

$697,000 Jury Verdict – With co-counsel obtained a $697,000.00 jury verdict against the individual defendant for a female client who alleged she was sexually assaulted by said individual (her supervisor) while at work. Claims were initiated against the employer for sexual harassment as well as against the individual perpetrator. After initially denying having engaged in any sexual relations with our client, the perpetrator eventually changed his story and claimed consensual sex after the DNA evidence which was found at the scene was, through our efforts during the discovery process, linked to him. The claim for sexual harassment against the employer was settled prior to trial. Additionally, a claim for workers compensation was successfully brought on behalf of the client.

Workers Compensation

$220,000 Settlement – Negotiated a $220,000.00 settlement on behalf of female client who sustained a severe injury to her back while lifting an object at work. Claim for workers compensation benefits was initiated immediately following the injury. For over nice years assisted client in ensuring her receipt of weekly compensation benefits as well as all reasonably related medical expenses. Treatment included all facets of conservative care, as well as injection treatments and multiple surgeries. Total benefits obtained on behalf of the client exceeded $350,000.00 not including medicals, which under the settlement continue throughout the claimant’s lifetime. In addition, was successful in obtaining a fully favorable decision on the client’s claim for Social Security Disability Benefits.

Personal Injury – Trip and Fall

$137,500 Settlement – Negotiated a $137,500.00 settlement on behalf of a female client who sustained severe injuries to her wrists after tripping over a display located in a popular retail store. Injuries to the client’s wrists required surgery on each. Claim resolved prior to trial during a mediation which eventually came about after a lawsuit against the defendant was initiated due to its initial position of no liability.

Personal Injury – Premises Liability

$90,000 Settlement – After initiating a lawsuit, negotiated a $90,000.00 settlement against a third party on behalf of a male client who sustained a crush injury to his thumb during the course of his employment. The theory of liability, which was highly contested, was founded in a claim that the property owner failed to utilize reasonable care in the maintenance and upkeep of a large wrought iron gate securing his premises. The client, who during the course of his employment was required to enter and exit through this gate, sustained severe injuries to his thumb as a result of this negligence which resulted in the gate not opening and closing properly.

Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB)

Reversal of Agency Action (Removal) – Initiated an appeal to the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) on behalf of a Department of Veterans Affair employee who was issued a removal for allegedly purchasing and possessing a controlled substance while on duty and for making misrepresentations about said activities during the agency’s investigation thereof. The evidence against the employee came primarily in the form of statements and testimony from the individual who allegedly sold and provided the drugs to the federal employee. The federal employee vehemently denied he had purchased and/or possessed any controlled substances and the matter proceeded to a hearing before an Administrative Judge. Following hearing, a decision was issued in favor of the federal employee which reversed the agency’s removal action and ordered that the agency cancel the removal, retroactively restore the federal employee to his job effective the date of the removal, and pay the federal employee all back pay and benefits. The employee may also seek reimbursement of all attorneys fees through a separate petition for attorneys fees.