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Meet Attorney Marc J. Levy

Lawyer Marc Levy began practicing law in 1998. As he began to build his career, he realized how important it is for an attorney to be there for his or her clients. Resolving most people’s issues is a more complex matter than simply winning a case. An attorney has to get to know his clients, so that he can understand what their real needs are and ensure that the final resolution of a case meets those needs. Also, given how challenging many clients’ situations are, many appreciate working with an attorney who treats them with respect and attention to their needs.

Marc has spent his career building an approach to practicing law that recognizes his clients’ needs and how to best meet them. He has developed highly effective skills, both as a negotiator and as a litigator so that he can take the most direct and efficient path to securing the best possible resolution for his clients.

His approach to the law has helped him earn a record of favorable outcomes that illustrate his commitment to his clients and his ability to succeed for them.

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